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About us

About us


Recytex GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1993 and is part of the group of Gebr. Achter.

Recytex is a flexible and competent developer and supplier of non-woven and acoustic solutions thereof. Additionally Recytex produces coated yarns which are used in the automotive-, carpet- and furniture-industry.

In the early 90s a so-called Tandem-Project was launched in cooperation with the Mercedes Benz AG and 2 more partners in order to form a closed material cycle for polyester-fibres from the first use in fabrics to the final use as recycled fibres in our non-woven.

As a result of this project the textile production-waste of the different production-stages is collected, reworked and produced into a non-woven which replaces PU-foam in the car seats.

The numerous properties of non-woven have led to new applications. Our fleeces are used now in products for the heat- and sound-insulation on leisure boats, in engine rooms and generators. Furthermore they are used in partition-walls, ceiling-panels, and noise-absorbing pictures. We supply the acoustic non-woven in sheets, cut to size, laminated, printed or pressed in shape.

Besides the production of the non-woven and of our acoustic products Recytex also produces coated yarns. We process a variety of core-yarns (PET, PA, glas, wires, monofilaments) and coat them with extrudable thermoplastics. (TPU, TPE, PVC, PE, PP).

Further to specific design-effects we can also integrate certain functions such as persistence or conductivity.

In order to find the best possible solution for complex customer requirements we can use synergies from the other companies of the Gebrüder Achter Group.

These companies are:

TRISIT Textiltechnologie GmbH & Co. KG
Ulm, Germany

3-D knitted fabrics for seat furniture, cars, wheel-chairs and accessoires

Düren, Germany

nano-scaled finishing for hydrophobic treatment